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Huaxin has 7 production lines including calendering lines and thin film coating lines with annual production capacity of 28,000 tons. Huaxin has brought in the most advanced five-roller calendering lines from Europe. All production indexes during the whole production process are quantified and automatically controlled by computer, including recipe measurement, material feeding, mixing, plasticizing and extrusion, calendaring, testing, cutting and packaging.

The functional thin film coating line and technology are introduced from Germany, Italy and Japan. Based on the spirit of high starting point, high standard and high technology, Huaxin keeps making technological innovation and adopts double-head coating, three-time rectification and whole-process monitoring, which provides reliable guarantee for high quality products.



Batching System (Italy)

Defect detection (America)

Electrical Apparatus Control System (Italy)

β Thickness Tester (Germany)

High-speed Mixer (Italy)

Cold Mixing Machine (Italy)

Crimping Machine (Italy)

Dimension Inspection Bench (Germany)

Transverse Cutting Machine (Italy)

Extruder (Germany)

Calendaring Machine (Italy)

Sand Blasting Machine (Britain)


Coating Device (Switzerland)


Thickness Measuring Device (America)

Power Control (Japan)


Electrical Control System (Germany)